Naval Battle: Destroy Enemy Ship Flash Game

There are two players in this game. One is you and other is computer. There are two ships, one’s for you and other is for computer. Two ships have a limited life. When you attack computer ship, that ship will start to destroy. Again, whey computer attack you, your ship will start to destroy. At last moment, who can destroy a ship completely before other, he will win the game.

Download Naval Battle Game from below: 

Mars Massacre: Attack Mars Aliens Game

Attack mars aliens by shooting guns. When you can shoot them you will get score. But when shooting them, they can also through dangerous laser to you. So, be serious. Don’t give them a single chance to attack you. If they attack you for some several times, the game will be ended and you will be able to start a new game.

Download Mars Massacre game from here:

Mahjongg: Get Scored by Matching Two Cards

This game is very easy and smooth for playing. Match two cards that contain same number and same icon. There are about 150 cards. You will match all of them in every pair and get scored. When you can match all cards, the game will be ended.

Download Mahjongg game from here:

Kore Putt: Put ball in the hole by Stick

This game is played by only mouse control. Put ball in the hole by holding and releasing the stick from ball. There are total 9 levels in this game. This game is very easy to play. I played this game several times every day. You can also play and share if you like this game.

Download Kore Putt game from below:

Kore Karts: A mini car race game

There are three levels in this game. They are easy, medium and hard. You can play this game only you or one player. You can also play this game with computer. You have to pass 9 laps in total. The laps are very mini size like a board. But it is interesting to play. I played this game many times. I hope you will also enjoy it.

Download Kore Karts game from below:

Kingdom of Gorn: A crow flying game

In this game, you are a crow. You have to fly a long way. But always avoid mountain and hill. Moreover, always avoid tunnel and other elements. If you can successfully reach in the last moment, then you will reach in the next level. Next levels are more harder and more challenging. You can get an idea by watching picture.

Download Kingdom of Gorn game from below:

Ice Hockey Challenge: A challenging hockey flash game

You will get 60 seconds time in this game. In this time, you will have to make goal. Goalkeeper will try to stop your goal making. So you should find a chance to make a goal by illustrating goalkeeper eye. Keep playing and I hope you will win.

Download Ice Hockey Challenge game from below:

Hexagon: Filling up the board with Hexagon ball

There are two players in this game. One is you and other is computer. When it is your turn, you will fill board by your red hexagon ball. Otherwise, when it is computer’s turn, it will fill the board by white hexagon ball. You can overwrite the computer’s ball and computer can also overwrite your ball. At last, whose ball is much, he will win the game.

Download Hexagon games from below:

Helicopter: Avoid wall by Helicopter and get scored

I play this game several times in a day. Because it’s a very addicting and interesting game. Play this game by mouse, fly helicopter and get scored. But don’t touch walls. You will be scored, until you touch walls. Unfortunately, if you touch any wall, the game will be ended.

Download Helicopter games from below:

Happy Pill: Make cartoons happy by giving Pill

There are some cartoons that are unhappy in this game. Make them happy by giving some pill. Once you through pill, it will never come back and if you give pill a cartoon for three times, the game will be ended. But if you can give pill to the all cartoons before three times, you will reach in the next level.

Download Happy Pill game from below:

Gandy’s Quest: Challenging coin collecting game

This game is very challenging and addicting game. There are many levels in this game. You are a Gandy in this game. You will have to collect coin for earning score and reach to the next level. But skip and avoid enemy like thorn, spider and other enemies. You will reach to the next level when you can successfully reach to the exit side, you can enter into next level.

Download Gandy’s Quest game from below:

Flashman: Eat ball and avoid Enemy

This is also a mini and amazing games. You are a flashman and you will have to eat some mini ball for collecting score. But if you are touched by your enemy, you will be destroyed. When you can eat large ball, then you can eat your enemy for a limited time. Download this game quickly and start playing.

Download Flasman game from below: 

Flash Arcade Solitaire: A simple card game

It’s a simple card game. There are queens, king; betel leaf and other card are available. I am sure, you will enjoy this game. Its size is very light. Its size is only 230 kb. Download this game if you are a card game lover and start playing.

Download Flash Arcade Solitaire game from below:

Dude: Killing Old and Laser Terrorist Game

It’s a very challenging game. You will attack a old man who will try to kill you. You will also kill men who try to kill you by laser ray. Limited lives are available on this game. More energy and lives can be gained by drinking coca-cola and destroying locker. Don’t stop playing this game.

Download Dude game from below:

Drum lesson: Learn Drum Playing in Game

This game is nothing but a drum playing. It will help you to learn drum keypad playing easily. If you hit right keypad on drum, you will be scored. Otherwise, if you hit on a wrong place, you will lose a life. You will get 3 lives for playing. Keep playing and learn drum playing.

Download Drum Lesson game from below:

Crabynamics: A bubble dividing game

This flash game is very interesting game. You will hit a ball by pressing spacebar. Once you press spacebar, the ball will be divided into two parts. Again you press spacebar, it will divide more parts. At last, the ball will be ended and you will reach in the next level. But if you are touched by Bubble, you will lose a life. There are 3 lives given in this game.

Download Crabynamics game from below:

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